On Monday, the St. James American Legion held a Memorial Day program to honor those who have lost their lives in battle.

The St. James Honor Guard formally started the program with the presentation of the colors.

The St. James High School band then played the National Anthem. Pastor David Lick, of First Presbyterian Church, provided the invocation.

Mayor Gary Sturm introduced the platform guests, including speaker Rodney Winter.

Winter spoke of his service time in Vietnam at Mac-V and Pentagon East. Winter also shared statistics of American lives lost in battle in each war that the United States has participated in. Winter also spoke about what Memorial Day means and closed his speech with a poem that he wrote for Memorial Day.

The St. James band played a medley of songs following Winter’s speech.

“God Bless America” was also sung by those in attendance, led by Mayor Sturm, Pastor Lick, and Jane Oldenburg. Pastor Lick then provided the benediction.

The colors were retired, as “Taps” was played by St. James senior Chantel Henderson.

Following the program, lunch was served for those who attended.