The ability to be well-rounded has always been prominent to Hannah Loewen.

In her time at St. James, Loewen has been active in academics, arts and athletics.

“I liked well-rounded because you can meet so many different people,” said Loewen. “The people in band and choir are so different than the people I met in sports and it was cool to have friends from all different backgrounds.”

Loewen sang in Limited Edition for three years, as well as in the choir for three years.

Loewen was a mainstay in the St. James band and Jazz Unlimited for two years.

In athletics, Loewen lettered in track, gymnastics, and girls tennis.

Loewen also provided guidance to younger students, playing an active role in the National Honor Society.

“It was hard to balance all that. I was very stressed,” said Loewen, with a laugh.

Even with all that stress and work, Loewen still found a way to be the only student in the class of 2019 to register a 4.0 GPA.

She credits St. James schools for her opportunities to become proficient in a variety of activities.

“St. James offered a lot of different things because it’s a smaller community so there was so many things I could get involved.”

Loewen will attend the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth for biology and pre-dentistry in the hopes of becoming an orthodontist, which means more than the standard four years of schooling.

“I’m basically starting over in kindergarten with all the school I have in the future.”

As she departs St. James for college and the real world, Loewen offers the same piece of advice she gave while being interviewed on the radio:

“Don’t take every hard class. Find a balance and have fun in your senior year. This is your last year here so have fun with your friends and try and do everything that you can.”