A recap of Tuesday evening's Sleepy Eye City Council meeting.

The Sleepy Eye City Council swiftly dispatched with city business at the Tuesday evening, June 11 council meeting, wrapping up by 8:30 p.m. A variety of agenda items were quickly approved, the report from the city’s auditor was a bit lengthy, but efficiently delivered, and the item expected to take extra time—the Rental Inspection ordinance—was tabled to a council workshop on June 24, on City Attorney Alissa Fischer’s advice.

Items approved:

•Agreement with Nuvera to allow installation of Wi-Fi at Sportsmen’s Park—city to place two poles, Nuvera to maintain service. Basic Wi-Fi use will be free, upgraded service available for a fee.

•Land swap with Schieffert Farms for 70 acres in the southern most portion of the Snow Addition for 42 acres of Schieffert land in the area that will be developed with the 12th Avenue NE crossing and street development project.

•Sale of Snow Addition lot to Linda Tiedeken (adjacent to her home) for $29,384 — $1,000 for land and the remainder for street, curb and gutter and storm sewer assessments, with water and sewer mains and services deferred until connected. The lot is where Gopher Concrete cleaned out cement trucks for years, leaving solid cement as deep as six feet into the ground, in addition sidewalk and curb and gutter chunks have been dumped there, along with other litter.

•As discussed at Finance Committee meetings: Set a date of July 1, 2020, to clear a currently rented out residential lot in the Snow Addition to prepare it for sale. The renter is informed.

•Heard and approved the 2018 Audit Report from Sara Oberloh, Oberloh & Oberloh, Ltd. No problems with the city’s financial statements were found.

•Called for the second reading (and approval) of an ordinance requiring surveying for construction, alterations, and additions to structures (to ensure that zoning set back requirements are met.)

Mayor Wayne Pelzel scheduled a special city council meeting for Monday, June 24 at noon to work on the rental ordinance and consider platting in the land obtained from Schiefferts, including along Elm Street.