The Scott Engelbrecht double murder trial now has a date and venue, as it is set to being on Monday, October 28 at 9:00 a.m. at the Brown County Courthouse in New Ulm.
The ten day trial got moved to Brown County because the court accepted the defense motion that an impartial jury would be very difficult to find in Watonwan County, given the relationships in a small town, and also the ongoing press coverage.  The pretrial conference is still set for Watonwan County, and is scheduled for September 24, 2019.
The defense motion to suppress both the statement at the scene and the three statements given during custodial interviews was denied.  The court ruled that appropriate questions were asked by officer Jonathan LeClaire at the scene, given the nature of the 911 call.
The court also ruled that Engelbrecht freely and voluntarily spoke with investigators during the custodial interviews.