With so much happening all over Saint James during Railroad Days, it’s easy to miss some of the action, events, and displays that go on.

During Saturday’s mild chaos, a display of local elementary art was shown at the Community Building.

The art on display was from Lisa Becker’s second-grade art class at Northside.

The students worked on a variety of projects throughout the season, working on various aspects of art.

The students’ projects included portraits and landscapes, which focused on warm and cool colors.

The class also learned about the symbolism of koi fish, emphasizing lines, colors, and textures.

Vincent Van Gogh was studied for the sunflower project. The classic “American Gothic” painting was focused on, with an emphasis on background, foreground and middle ground, as well as repeated lines and shapes.

Also on display were photos from Lynn Rolshoven’s high school photography class.

The photography class will be featured on December 14th, during the Winter Carnival