Another month, and another business coming to St. James.

Native Girl Farms’ bid to join the St. James community was accepted anonymously by the St. James City Council.

Native Girl Farms is a CBD oil manufacturer, CBD oil is used for skin care, mental health care and as a form of pain relief.

“We’re optimistic and looking forward to working with Native Girl Farms,” said Mayor Gary Sturm.

Native Girl Farms expects to start with eight employees before expanding to 50 employees. Native Girl Farms also plans to open additional greenhouses to grow CBD plants, which would allow local farmers to become involved and profit.

The company will take over the Overson Lumber building, located in a B-2 business service zone, generally set aside for commercial and retail activities, such as restaurants and grocery stores.

Native Girl Farms will make renovations to accommodate their new facility.

“We’re pleasantly surprised with the amount of support we’ve received from the city and are encouraged by the warm welcome,” said Mathew Willner, a partner of Native Girl Farms. “St. James is a great location, as is the Overson building. We look forward to working with everybody within St. James.”

The company will require a drip irrigation system, and may require their own transformer for all the power potentially being used. Native Girl Farms has two small greenhouses in the Metro area, with St. James being their first factory and “full-scale production facility”.

The only future concern with the new business is parking. With a large influx of employees set to start after 4-6 months, there may not be enough parking.

Currently, with off-street parking, there is only enough room for 10 employees, not including customers.

Previous use of parking diagonally in the road right of way along 5th Avenue North was not in compliance with the zoning ordinance, and would, therefore, need council approval.