Every year, as part of the Godahl Day celebration, a Miss Godahl is selected.

This year’s winner of the Godahl Day Queen is Mya Hanson.

On Monday, as the crown was placed on her head and sash was draped over her shoulders, a bright smile broke out on Mya Hanson’s face.

“It’s very exciting because it’s been happening for such a long time and most of my family has gotten to be Godahl Queen so it’s a nice honor,” said Hanson. Both of Hanson’s parents are from Godahl, and Hanson grew up coming to Godahl Day festivities.

“One of my favorite things about coming to Godahl Day growing up was playing BINGO with my grandparents because they’re important to me and I enjoy playing it.”

Growing up coming to Godahl Day, Hanson knows just how important small town celebrations are to communities like Godahl.

“It just brings the town together,” said Hanson. “People remember these things when they’re older and remember the best parts of life.”

Hanson, who just started her junior year at St. James High School, is very active within the Godahl community.

Hanson plays softball at the local ball field in Godahl, and helps out at Godahl Days every year. Hanson also helps her mother, Amy, who teaches pre-school at the old Godahl Store.

When asked about what aspects of Godahl Days stick out to her Hanson answers simply, “The welcoming environment and the people around me.”