On Saturday, September 21st, Park Apartments will hold their 50th-anniversary celebration open house from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Park Apartments will have a program at 10:30 with guest speakers and a bounce house set up for children. Park Apartments was originally built to house the elderly. In January of 2001, the complex opened their doors to families and younger residents, which now makes up the majority of their clientele.

In 1985, Park Apartments bought eight Housing and Urban Development houses, which it still owns to this day.

Also on display will be old photos of Park Apartments through their first 50 years.

As for the next 50, Director of Park Apartments Melissa Wilson says, “Hopefully we can have some sustainability and enough low-income housing going forward to keep Park Apartments going.” Park Apartments originally opened on September 28th, 1969.