Butterfield-Odin School Board motioned to offer Steve Thomas of Farmington the .5 interim superintendent position on Tuesday after an hour-long public interview.

Originally from Michigan, Thomas is fully licensed as a district superintendent and a K-12 principal through 2020. He holds a PhD in education, administration and political science, an MA in education, administration, political science and history, a BS in education, social studies economics, and an AA in social studies and education.

"I've been in education, essentially, all my life," began Thomas to the board. Thomas stated he was interested in the position at Butterfield-Odin because he believes the school could use his help regarding test scores.

Thomas has had previous success improving a 99% Native American school from the mid-20 percentile in all subjects to the 70 percentile in the course of three years.

"I know we can do the same thing here," said Thomas. "It'd be a wise thing for you, a wise thing for me, if I may say, a perfect marriage. I love a challenge." 

Thomas stated his work ethic includes collaborating, communicating, taking responsibility, mapping especially when it comes to curriculum, treating others as human beings, caring, and having enthusiasm for the job.

"I wouldn't still be doing this if I wasn't enthusiastic about it," said Thomas about working as a superintendent. "I could've stopped doing this quite some time ago. I thought, 'There's no way I could find anything else I'd rather do in life than this.' Totally serious. I can't imagine myself being happier on a golf course than changing the life of kids."

Thomas asked questions regarding tech staff, budget, enrollment and curriculum goals before taking a tour around the school building and returning to the board for negotiation.