Claudio Sebastian Ayala Jr., 18, of Madelia was in court on Tuesday afternoon for felony third-degree criminal sex conduct where the victim was mentally impaired or helpless. He was sentenced to 15 years of supervised probation, a $1,000 fine and 180 days in county jail with 80 days credit served. The sentence was noted on the record as a downward dispositional departure of stay of execution. Ayala would be allowed not to commit 48 months to Commissioner of Corrections as long as he follows the set conditions.

County Attorney Stephen Lindee stated the recommendations in the pre-sentence investigation report were appropriate, based on the Ayala's age, Ayala taking responsibility and admitting to the behavior. 

Lindee continued, stating, “I think the most concerning piece to me in the whole [PSI] is, when asked how this offense has impacted the victim, Mr. Ayala said, ‘No clue, to be honest.’"

Lindee described Ayala’s response as problematic, unacceptable and criminal.

The victim’s impact statement recounted the last three months, where she experienced self-blame, self-disgust, harassment and suicidal thoughts. She ended her statement with, “You aren’t sorry for what you did to me. But I do hope one day you will be able to see that what you did wasn’t okay. I want you to spend time in jail and deal with your actions. I hope during that time, you’re also able to get the help you need, mentally, to never do this to another woman.” 

Public Defender Andrew Hoaglund stated Ayala didn’t know how to express his remorse.

“He came from a broken home, and his father was deported,” stated Hoaglund. “He had to be a man, but he’s still a boy. That difficult life where he comes from is now affecting other people.”

“I do regret that night,” stated Ayala, when given a chance to speak before the sentence. “I want you guys to know that this isn’t the person I am.”

The complaint file contains the following:

A Madelia Police Officer was notified on June 12th, 2019, of an incident that occurred the prior weekend in Madelia. The victim went to the Madelia Police Department and gave the following statement:

The victim was at a bonfire in St. James on or about June 8th, 2019. Also at the party were Witness 1, Witness 2, and Ayala. The victim and Witness 1 were intoxicated, and they both went back to Madelia to Witness 2’s house. The victim went into Witness 2’s house and fell asleep in Witness 2’s bed. Witness 2 and Ayala were playing video games in the room. Witness 1 had gone home. Witness 2 left the room, and Ayala got into bed with the victim. The victim awoke to him inserting his fingers into her. Ayala heard Witness 2 returning to the room and quickly went back to playing video games. Witness 2 left the room again, and Ayala had sexual intercourse with the victim. At one point, she tried to get away, but he held her down. Ayala again heard Witness 2 returning to the room, quickly got dressed again and went back to playing the game. The victim laid on the bed and pretended to be asleep. 

Witness 2 confronted Ayala about the sexual assault when he learned about it. Ayala told Witness 2 he did touch her sexually but didn’t have sexual intercourse with her.

Ayala provided a statement under Miranda. He denied any sexual activity with the victim.