On Thursday, the St. James school board met for a special meeting, discussing the potential expulsion of a student, updates for the tennis courts, equipment for snow removal, and the contract of superintendent Becky Cselovszki.

The school board motioned to expel a student for a year following a weapons violation incident in September. The student was caught with a weapon on school grounds. A hearing was held last Thursday (10/3), and the recommendation from the board of education was to expel the student.

The child can open enroll in other school districts, and two districts have expressed they will educate the student.

The board also discussed options on renovations for the tennis courts. The courts are cracked and may require a complete demolition and rebuild. Last year, the board moved to resurface the courts in the hope the courts would last another 2-3 years.

Athletic director and tennis coach Les Zellmann has been in talks with a company who is redoing Gustavus' tennis courts. The company has equipment that can repurpose the asphalt, which will drive down the cost of renovations.

The board will look to receive grants from the Minnesota Tennis Association to also help with expenses.

A vote will be taken on October 21st regular school board meeting to move forward with renovations, and whether to take one large hit of expenses or pay the costs over a 10-year period with interest.

Finding new equipment for snow removal was also a topic of discussion. The current equipment used to clear the school parking lot is old, and no parts are available if a part breaks or fails.

The recommendation from Mitch Doll was to purchase a mini wheel loader. Prices for loaders ranged from approximately $68,000 to $93,000, not including attachments. The wheel loader would allow for more room to maneuver around cars in the parking lot, be able to push more snow back, and would be more efficient, saving in labor.

The final topic of discussion was the contract of superintendent Becky Cselovski. The contract expires at the end of the year.

Cselovski proposed a three-year contract, with a 2% salary increase in the final year. The new contract would also remove the 15 sick day reimbursement, which would help save money.

The decision on the contract will be discussed further in November's meeting.

The next school board meeting is October 21st.