Scott Francis Engelbrecht, 60, was pronounced guilty of two counts of first-degree murder–premeditated, two counts of second-degree murder–intent and fifth-degree assault with a dangerous weapon for the deaths of his wife Joyce Ann Engelbrecht, 67, stepdaughter Rachel Elaine Linder, 43, and the assault of grandson Dillion Mathias, 21. 

Before closing arguments, Engelbrecht testified he thought Rachel had shot Joyce because that's what Dillion told him. 

Engelbrecht said he shot four bullets instead of three when following Rachel: three warning shots, and an accidental shot that struck her in the head on the right temple. Soot around the entry wound on the temple indicates the bullet was fired at short-range, less than six inches away. 

Engelbrecht also said he went after Rachel instead of aiding Joyce because he was concerned Rachel would hurt more people. He thought she was capable of shooting her mother and others because she had a background with mental illness. 

During the closing arguments, Engelbrecht's defense said Dillion confessed to shooting his grandmother in front of the whole court. On Monday, when prosecutor Matthew Frank asked Dillion if he shot his grandmother for inheritance purposes, Dillion said yes. Frank asked if he understood the question, Dillion said no. Frank rephrased the question, and Dillion said no to shooting his grandmother. 

The sentencing date is to be decided. He faces life without parole. 

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