Last week, St. James students took to the stage for a performance of the timeless "Mamma Mia!", based on the songs of the band ABBA.

The musical, filled with twists and turns, drew a near-capacity crowd on Thursday night inside the high school Little Theatre. 

Along with classic songs such as Dancing Queen, The Name Of The Game, Mamma Mia and Take A Chance On Me, the music kept the audience laughing, and sometimes cringing, with one-liners and innuendos. The continuous banter between Donna Sheridan (Kelsey Sagehorn), Tanya (Emma Zender), and Rosie (Gabby Trapero) provided the majority of the comedy and insinuations. 

Strong vocals from Sam Carmichael (Nicholas Brey) and Donna (Sagehorn), particularly in Act Two captivated the audience, leading to rousing applause.

Prior to the performance, Linda Becken invited the senior castmembers out on stage before their final high school musical. 


Luci Kulseth- Sophie Sheridan

Mya Hanson- Ali

Makenna Rotert- Lisa

Kelsey Sagehorn- Donna Sheridan

Emma Zender- Tanya

Gabby Trapero- Rosie

Lucas Anderson- Sky

Logan Carlson- Pepper

Kaylem Velasco- Eddie

Reymundo Cardenas- Harry Bright

Miguel Martinez- Bill Austin

Nicholas Brey- Sam Carmichael

Isaac Carstensen- Father Alexandrios

Emma Anderson, Abby Spitzner, Mykela Hanson, Kayl Johnson, Claire Watson, Teresa Tobar- Islanders

Linda Becken- Director

Cathy Lick- Music Coach

Doug Becken- Set Design

Glennda Hedlund, Doug Becken, Kevin Spitzner- Accompanists

Kelsey Sagehorn, Kayl Johnson- Choreography

Jordan Bergeman, Norely Sanchez- Lights

Taylor Berg- Lighting Design

Act One:

I Have A Dream- Sophie

Honey, Honey- Sophie, Lisa, Ali

Money, Money, Money- Donna & Company

Thank You For The Music- Harry, Bill, Sam, Sophie

Mamma Mia- Donna & Company

Chiquitita- Rosie, Tanya, Donna

Dancing Queen- Rosie, Tanya, Donna, Girls

Lay All Your Love On Me- Sky, Sophie, Pepper, Eddie, Boys, Girls

Super Trooper- Donna, Tanya, Rosie, Girls

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme- Lisa, Ali, Sophie, Sam, Bill, Harry, Boys, Girls

The Name of the Game- Sophie, Bill

Voulez Vous- Sophie, Bill, Harry, Sam, Boys, Girls

Act Two:

One of Us- Donna, Sam

S.O.S.- Sam, Donna

Does Your Mother Know- Tanya, Pepper, Ali, Lisa, Eddie, Boys

Knowing Me, Knowing You- Donna, Sophie

Our Last Summer- Donna, Harry

Slipping Through My Fingers- Donna, Sophie

The Winner Takes It All- Donna, Sam

Take A Chance on Me- Rosie Bill

I Do, I Do, I Do- Sam, Donna & Company

I Have A Dream- Sophie, Sky & Company