To close Tuesday night's city council meeting, the St. James City Council heard from three St. James middle schoolers who would like to help fundraise for a local community center.

Nevaeh Trebesch, Ramsez Gonzalez, and Shannon Westcott pitched their idea to bring the community together and increase the bond of the community. The three seventh graders see the community center as a way to prevent youth from falling into drugs and alcohol use. They also see the community center as a potential escape from home life, if life at home is not ideal. The center would also plain and simply give people something to do.

The plan is to have an arcade area and other areas for entertainment. The center would not just be for kids, but as well as adults.

The funds for the center would be raised by the community.

Mayor Sturm applauded the group's initiative and said the council will contact Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation and Region Nine.

Other items:

- Short recess for truth in taxation. 1.088% budget increase from last year. Budget cannot be higher than the one proposed in September

- Accept bid for Wastewater Blower Replacement

- Accept hire of Charles Wagner Jr. as Street/Park Lead

- Adopt resolution 12.19.XX for Special Assessments for people who failed to pay rental licenses, mowing charges, utilities, among other items

- Accept quote from Bolton and Menk for Wastewater Rate Study