Last Tuesday night, the fire department approached the Butterfield City Council for approval to raise their benefits from $900 to $1,000. The Relief Association voted on it at their annual meeting last January. It’s been nearly six years since the fire department raised its benefits. The council will table the increase in January’s council meeting to review how it’ll affect the city budget.

Right off Hubbard Ave. and Third St., a homeowner has gone south for the winter, and their sidewalk isn’t being cleared. The maintenance crew asked permission to remove a tree from the area to allow the loader to get the snow further off the road. The removal would move the children off the street when they’re coming out of school as they have been.

From the liquor store, councilman Ken Pankratz reported sales are slightly above last year, and expenses are running $4,000 less than last year.

Other Approved Items:

–Final 2020 tax levy and budget

–Extend utility services to 540 Drake

–Demo a copier from Metro Sales before deciding on a lease in January

–List of unpaid utility accounts, move pending dollar amount to property taxes

–Certify approximately $4,800 between legal and inspection fees for 1st. St. S. property, move dollar amount to property taxes by resolution

The next city council meeting is scheduled for January 13 at 7 p.m.