Tuesday Study Club met at the home of Cec Kulseth on November 19, 2019 with 15 members
present. Myrna Eppeland was in charge of the program. She introduced her guest speaker Pam
‘Hansen’ O’Hara from Zumbro Falls, MN. Pam is the Director of Learning Engagement at SELCO, Southeastern Libraries Cooperation. She was well known by many members of the club as her parents, the Rev. Erling and Ruth Hansen, served at First Lutheran Church here in St. James for many years.

Pam has worked around libraries and books for most of her career. She loves books! She is adept at repairing them as well as making them She shared several homemade books that she had

collaborated on with various authors. To that end, she brought along all the necessary supplies
for everyone in the group to make four books and one small treasure box. She calls her
workshops, “Book Art,” and shares her love of making books of all sizes whenever she is asked.

Paper of every color was available and since it was Christmas many of the books had a holiday
flair when they were finished. She showed us how easy it was to make various bindings that
were very durable. Our favorite was using a large needle and thread and sewing it in a sturdy
figure eight. Suggestions were given as to the many ways these creations could be used but I
think a lot of us had visions of children filling them with stories and artwork of their own to
share. Our thanks to Pam!

For the short topic, Cec shared the obituary of her Irish grandfather, Mr. Charles O’Malley. He
was born in 1872 and passed away in 1921, at a time when deaths were reported in great detail and obituaries were almost in the form of a short story. This made for very interesting reading.

It was beautifully and respectfully written, but yet afforded the members with several
humorous moments involving a train, late-arriving pallbearers, snowdrifts and bobsleds. All in all, it was tender and charming.

Tuesday Club’s next meeting will be a Christmas luncheon at Encore, with a voluntary ornament exchange. Chris Pitcher is in charge of the program.