On Tuesday morning, the Watonwan County Board began their meeting with a case about the costs of a damaged tile drainage system.

Mark Evers rents the land on both sides of a shared road between Adrian and the southern township, and he's responsible for the drainage. He stated he went to the county and was told the damaged drainage system would take approximately two years before it would be fixed. There was erosion and three-to-six feet of deep water.

Evers spoke to Cottonwood commissioner Norm Holmen and got the okay to move forward with repairs, including removing the 12-inch single wall that had been put in by Watonwan County years ago.

Watonwan County Public Works Director Teal Spellman wasn't present at the meeting, but her letter stated her understanding of the drainage system wasn't crushed tile. She felt Evers was requesting an improvement.

Commissioner Raymond Gustafson requested the case be tabled, so Spellman and other appropriate representatives could be present.

Public Works Assistant County Engineer Bill Coleman was present in place of Spellman for bridge rail repair approval. Last fall, the bridge rail on Co. Rd. 27 appeared to have been hit by a large vehicle. From what Coleman knows, there was no Sheriff's report filed on the accident. He will look into it, as well as insurance coverage.

In regards to growth for veteran services, Commissioner Bill Miller asked the board to discuss veterans having access to rides within the county. The services could allow veterans access to basic needs, such as a trip to the grocery store. The board agreed to add the topic to an agenda for next month.

Other Approved Items:

–Planning & Zoning Conditional Use Permits: Joel Penner and Big Bend Wind, LLC.

–Recycling Fee at $5.75 per unit.

–Designate the Madelia Times-Messenger and the St. James Plaindealer as the first and second legal newspapers, respectively, for 2019.

–Assessor's Office Changes after County Board of Appeal & Equalization Approved

–2020 Solid Waste Hauling Licenses –Voting Equipment Grant, between $5,000 and $7,000. –Snowmobile Safety Grant

–August–November Client Reports for the $750 the county pay per month.

–2020 Tax Levy and Budget and HRA Levy set at 4%.

–Increase the non-union salary schedule by 2.5%, provide annual step movement on applicable anniversary dates, and to set the 2020 salaries of appointed officials.

–The 2020 bi-weekly salaries for elected County officials at an increase of 2.5% plus applicable steps.

The next county board meeting is scheduled for December 31 at 9 a.m.