On Tuesday, a small contingent of St. James Area residents met with Mayor Gary Sturm in a Coffee with the Mayor event.

Discussions were held about this past year's Winter Carnival, and how to further improve and attract more people to next year's pre-Christmas events.

The student photo gallery from Lynne Rolshoven's photography class was not a big draw, with scarce numbers throughout the day on Saturday.

The idea to display the photos during the tour of homes and tour of tables at Pleasant View was shared. Residents at Pleasant View and from the county are drawn to the tour of homes and tables, so putting the art where the people already are would allow more local residents to see and appreciate the student's artwork.

The tour of tables and homes raised over $750 towards Uniting Cultures. The pizza casserole luncheon on Tuesday raised about $1,000 for Uniting Cultures.

New ideas for next year's Winter Carnival were teased, with future discussions with the city and chamber to be held once ideas are more concrete.

Mayor Sturm provided updates on timetables for City Manager and replacing EDA Director Jamie Scheffer.

The city council will make a decision on City Manager in their January 21st meeting.

The EDA Director position has a timetable to be filled in March. Scheffer is leaving at the end of the year in a move to Burnsville.