The main discussion at the city council meeting on Tuesday was the questions and concerns of Greg Lingbeck and his rental and city purchase issues.

Lingbeek was displeased with the city's lack of communication after not getting a disconnect letter from the city, with nobody informing him of the change in utilities, which Lingbeek did not authorize in the first place. Lingbeek tried numerous times to get information on documentation, including balances and deposits on the matter.

Lingbeek was also upset by multiple notices on cars and equipment that had proper registration. The notices even had the wrong ordinance number on them.

Mayor Sturm said the city will look into the documentation and try to craft a document to make sure property owners throughout city limits are well informed about 

The board adopted a pair of resolutions that allow two churches to operate on Seventh Street South and Weston Ave. Both churches are small. One church has already had services with no complaints from residents in the area. The other will expect to have a mass capacity of 20, with the average attendance expected to be 15.

The board also accepted the resignations of David Johnson from the St. James Police Department and Jamie Scheffer as the EDA Director.

Other approved items:

- Accept bid for the purchase of an ambulance. The new ambulance will replace the 2010 ambulance. The 2010 model may be purchased by Lewisville. The ambulance will be purchased from Everest Ambulance. The new ambulance is expected in either mid-February or early-March.

- Adopt a resolution setting 2020 budget. Josh Haseman applauded the board for their focus on keeping the budget increases low, unlike other areas of Minnesota.

- Adopt a resolution setting tax levy for 2020

Adopt a resolution for accepting donations

Adopt a resolution for transfer of funds

Adopt a resolution for transfer of funds for bond payments

Adopt a resolution designating polling place as St. James Armory

Approve EDA recommendation regarding Mayberry Hills sale of lots incentive- drops cost from $12,000 to $10,000.

Authorize submission of application and make an agreement for MCPP. This allows single families to buy homes at a more liberal rate to increase income.

Approve purchase of Skid Loader for Wasterwater Department

Approve 2020 budget for convention and visitors bureau

Request to hire street employee with the approval of personnel committee

The next council meeting is scheduled for January 7th, 2020.