On Monday, Shawn Raymond Latourell of Lewisville, 33, appeared in court for an omnibus hearing on ten counts of ammo/firearm possession for criminal violence and a count of fifth-degree drug possession.

Public Defender Jill K. Baker asked the court for a continuance, postponing the hearing. Baker and Lindee have not had any substantial discussion on the case.

A count of ammo/firearm possession for criminal violence pends a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison and/or a $30,000 fine.

The initial incident happened on October 24, 2019, where agents with the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force received information that Latourell was attempting to sell multiple firearms and possessed methamphetamine.

Agents drafted a search warrant and executed the search at Latourell’s property. The agents found Latourell with two grams of methamphetamine. Following his arrest, the agents found additional methamphetamine, scales, drug paraphernalia, etc. The agents discovered around 2.8 grams of meth. The agents also found the following firearms:

–Steven 20-gauge shotgun

–JC Higgins 20-gauge shotgun

–Single-shot 12-gauge shotgun (unknown manufacturer)

–Westerfield .22 caliber rifle with scope

–Savage .22 caliber rifle

–Con Valley Arms .50 caliber muzzleloader

–Mossberg 16-gauge shotgun

–A second Mossberg 16-gauge shotgun

–Double 9 .22 caliber revolver

–Multiple live .22 caliber rounds

The complaint filed on October 25 includes Latourell was convicted of felony domestic assault by strangulation in 2015 in Watonwan County, a defined crime of violence.

Latourell is due for an omnibus hearing on January 21st, 2020.