On Tuesday night, the Butterfield-Odin school board held a REOrganizational meeting. The board addressed the following business items:

Shannon Sykes was elected Board of Education Chairperson. Michael Hernandez was elected Board of Education Vice-Chairperson. Andy Pierson was elected Board of Education Treasurer. Pam Xayaphonesongkham was re-elected Board of education Clerk.

In regards to board salaries, the board set the per diem as $50 per meeting and $100 per day for the 2020 school board. The chairperson, treasurer, and clerk will also each be paid $400 for the 2020 school year.

School board meetings will continue to happen on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.

The Triumph State Bank of Butterfield and the Odin State Bank are the official depositories for District #836.

The superintendent, treasurer, and business managers are authorized to invest district monies.

The official newspaper for District #836 is the St. James Plaindealer.

Maggie Wallner is the district's legal counsel, and the chairperson and superintendent are the official contacts with the firm.

The school board minutes will be released to the newspaper after they've been approved by the following board meeting.

Committee assignments include the following:
–Academic/Athletic Pairing: Andy Pierson, Shannon Sykes, Kristy Haseman
–Building /Grounds/Health/Safety/Transportation: Andy Pierson, Valerie Ommodt, Michael Hernandez
–Community Education: Pam Xayaphonesongkham, Valerie Ommodt
–Continuing Education: Renae Meyer
–Meet and Confer: Valerie Ommodt, Shannon Sykes
–Negotiations: Shannon Sykes, Andy Pierson
–Personnel: Andy Pierson, backup Shannon Sykes
–River Bend Education District: Renae Meyer
–Staff Development: Kristy Haseman
–Technology: Shannon Sykes backup Andy Pierson
–Watonwan Family Collaborative: Kristy Haseman, Pam Xayaphonesongkham, Valerie Ommodt
–Wellness: Pam Xayaphonesongkham
–World's Best Workforce: All Board Members

Other Business:
Amy Chleborad was hired as the district's new office staff person at $17/hour, initially for up to 35 hours per week. Thirteen applicants wanted the job.

"Amy was the most qualified and best fit," said Superintendent Steve Thomas.

The goal is to assist the main office and help Sandy Melheim as it's become difficult to handle by herself. The training will cross among Melheim, Chleborad, and Kathy Svalland, so if one were not to be available, the others could step in. Chelborad's first day was Wednesday.

The board also received a letter of resignation from teacher Nathan Fast on Monday after personal circumstances have required his attention.

"I would like to finish out January but can be somewhat flexible according to the best interests of the school," Fast said in his resignation letter. "Thank you for the chance to work with outstanding educators, administration, and students. Wishing you all the best."

The next regular meeting will happen on January 27 at 7:00 p.m.