After 10 years of manning the position of superintendent of St. James public schools, Becky Cselovszki is moving on to the Redwood Valley district.

"The majority of the [school] board and I have had a difference in opinion on a few things, which has been making our strategic planning process difficult," said Cselovszki. "With that, I just felt like it was probably time to look for a new opportunity."

Prior to her tenure in St. James, Cselovszki spent ten years in the Heron Lake Okabena school district.

Cselovszki broke the news to high school and Northside staff in an email on January 20th:

"Dear staff,

It is with mixed emotions that I type this email tonight.  I have been offered and have accepted the Redwood Superintendency starting July 1, 2020.  I have enjoyed my time in the St. James School District and will miss the people.  I know there have been rumors floating out there so I wanted to let you know upon my verbal acceptance."

In her time in St. James, Cselovszki spearheaded the referendum and building project, upgrading and adding to both the high school and Northside.

"It takes a team and I feel like we've had some growth and done some great things. But at the same point, I'm ready for a new challenge."

Redwood Valley recently added a $4.5 million Career Tech Educational facility, with help from the city and other donators. 

"They're all just working together to make things happen. I will miss the commitment of the staff to the kids at St. James and the colleagues I work with every day."

While Cselovszki is excited about her role in the Redwood community, she will miss the comfort of St. James.

"I'll miss the people and the staff. They have been through a lot in the ten years I have been here in regards to, not only the building project, but Northside Elementary and going from priority school status to the school improvement grant to celebration eligible to where they are at today. The staff here does whatever is required of them to make things better for kids."

Cselovszki will remain in her post until the completion of her contract through June 30th.