At the Watonwan County Board regular meeting on Tuesday, Public Works Director Teal Spellman introduced a draft for an equipment replacement plan, estimating replacements and costs for the next few years.

The schedule includes a short and long description of the equipment, the class, the year acquired, the expected life, the expected replacement year, the original cost, and the expected replacement cost. There's a proposed $596,611 for 2020, $650,000 for 2021 and $665,00 for 2022. The plan means to be a referencing tool for the commissioners and Spellman when budgeting. Spellman plans to stay at around $600,000 for each of the following years.

The public works department is also utilizing the schedule to reach a point where the department can make one major purchase per year. Spellman expects to reach that mark in five years.

The county board also approved the county to discontinue dust control and send a letter to clients with suggested companies. The board also approved the department to purchase a John Deere motor grader for $290,511, a skid loader trailer for $11,7115, and a tablet/laptop with a docking station for $2,017.67.

Other Approved Items:

–2019 Emergency Management Performance grant of $16,909 for Emergency Management Director Julie Peterson Salary

–From County Sheriff Jared Bergeman: purchase two vehicles for around $34,000 each as a result of a high-speed chase, one poll camera for $4,500, a voice logging recorder from Northland Business Systems for about $23,000, the sale of sheriff vehicles, and hiring a part-time deputy for as needed.

–2020 Ditch assessments, balances are running low, and Auditor/Treasurer Kelly Pauling has added assessments for 2020 to bring them up.

–2020 tobacco license for the Darfur Lounge

–Countertops for the auditor and accessor offices for $2,096.76 and $1,233.33

–Budgeted item, Zix renewal agreement for external mail, antivirus, disaster recovery, and more, for $9, 852

–Library board appointments: Sandy Melheim and Emily Norland

–2019 audit agreement letter to begin the audit process –Tax and CAMA agreement to update taxing software. Tyler Technologies implementation services are $207,000, and the annual Saas fees are $51,529, which the county will pay after implementation is complete. It could take around 18 months.

The next Watonwan County Board meeting is on Tuesday, February 18, at 9 a.m.