On Monday, the Butterfield City Council approved several items from the Butterfield Community Fund, regarding the bash happening on May 9.

The street dance will take place in front of the city shop on Drake. The committee expects the entertainment to last until midnight. The basketball tournament will block off Third, Drake, and Chapman for safety reasons. The council agreed to cover the costs of a Take-Me-There bus for $60 an hour and two off duty cops for $45 an hour, around $800 total. The council also approved a gambling permit for raffle tickets and bingo.

From the maintenance report, a leak was fixed on Hubbard and First Ave. The problem fell on a line going west.

There have been electrical issues at the city apartments where a bad ground wire is causing dull lightening and stoves to malfunction. The issues began in one apartment before taking over all four. The electric department will be visiting sometime this week.

A new furnace was also installed at the library for around $3,000.

Other Approved Items:

–Two days of tree trimming by Corey Suess with Certified & Diversified Services for about $5,000

–Advertise for a mower worker

The next Butterfield City Council meeting is on March 9 at 7:00 p.m.