On Monday afternoon, the St. James city council held a panel interview for its four final candidates to find a new city manager. 

Each candidate was asked 18 questions to answer in a 45-minute session.

Earlier in the day, candidates had panel interviews with department heads, community members, and members of the city council, as well as a luncheon with community members and leaders.

Following the interviews and a closed meeting, St. James city council selected Amanda Glass, the city administrator for Clarkfield.

“We are very excited to have offered the city manager position to Amanda Glass, from Clarkfield, Minn and look forward to her accepting our offer," said Mayor Gary Sturm. "She is a very polite and conscientious person, and I believe will bring a lot of new, fresh, and creative ideas to St. James. She is very outgoing, wants to meet folks in our community, and is a positive, creative, and proactive person, and will give a breath of fresh air to St. James, and will represent our community well."

"What interests me in this position is the size and location of the community," said Glass in her panel interview. "Right now, I'm the city administrator for a community that has about 800 people, so this is the natural next step."

Glass had previously helped her community through a child care crisis, as well as creating a new school building. 

"I want to lead by example. You can't expect anybody to do any different than what you're doing. That's a key role of any leader, which is to lead by example."

Glass noted the importance of community to help bring businesses into a city, as well as attracting families into St. James.

"I think you have to utilize your resources. So you have to look at your resources and community. It's not just one person leading an effort, it's a community leading an effort."

"For residential growth, a lot of that has to do with the mindset of the community, and making a community where people want to come, raise kids, and have a family."

Glass is also part of the Upper MN Valley Regional Development Commission and is the Board Chair for Cardinal Kids, Inc. She has also worked as a finance plan administrator and CAMP specialist for Mycogen Seeds and as the Assistant and Executive Director for the Nisswa Chamber of Commerce.

Glass will take over for interim city manager Joe McCabe.

"I am looking forward to focusing on the chamber and upcoming Railroad Days," said McCabe. "The city council has made an excellent selection and I think that the staff will be pleased with having a young and vibrant new city manager."

Glass has accepted the offer, and the city council will take a vote next week at the scheduled city council meeting.