On Wednesday evening, a special school board meeting was held to decide which service the St. James school board would use in its search for a new superintendent as Becky Cselovzski is moving on to Redwood Valley starting next school year.

The board heard cases from Harold Remme of the South Central Service Cooperative and Gary Lee, Deputy Executive Director from the Minnesota School Board Association.

SCSC works with schools in south-central Minnesota, helping New Ulm, St. Peter, Waseca Le Sueur-Henderson, among others, find their superintendents at essentially no cost for member schools.

MSBA works around the state and helped Butterfield-Odin with their superintendent search.

"Hiring that [superintendent] is going to be your big-ticket item,” said Lee in his proposal. "We come at this from your point of view. We have former school board members, superintendents, human relations people. Our whole process is to cast as wide a net as possible so we can get as many possible candidates to consider. We are not going to come and tell you which candidates you should only work with." 

Both have connections and ties to Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, and some parts of Wisconsin. 

The lack of expense for services and the familiarity with the area were driving forces behind an initial motion to go with SCSC. The expenses for MSBA services can reach up to $7,000.

The motion to go with SCSC was denied. A motion to go with MSBA was passed in a 3-2 vote.

Even with the choice of MSBA, the local SCSC may still be involved in the search, as the Minnesota School Board Association sometimes works hand in hand with Remme and his staff at SCSC.