On Tuesday night, members of the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor party held it's caucus votes for precinct leaders inside the Madelia VFW.

About 35 people representing the different cities in townships in the county came out to cast their votes for the representatives for each precinct. 

Tim Klassen, the husband of Heather Klassen, was present and leading the event. Klassen started the evening reading a letter from DFL member Ken Martin.

"We can win by joining together to strengthening our party, and spreading our progressive message," read Klassen. "With your help, we will keep the U.S. Senate seat, grow our House majority, take back the Minnesota Senate, and defeat this destructive President. Remember that we are stronger together."

Each precinct was then given an opportunity to make their selections for representatives and resolutions.

"This is the bread and butter," said Chairperson Mike Nordby. "This is where it all starts."

In 2016, the DFLs caucus— held at the St. James community building— was so packed with people that the party had to turn people away.

Voting is slightly different this year as in years prior.

"Voting is brand new for everybody," said Nordby. "What happens after the election is up in the air a bit."

A letter from Dan Feehan, read by Ethan Sykes, was read to the group as well.

"Thank you for participating in the precinct caucuses," read Sykes. "Your commitment and trust of your faith demonstrate why the DFL is so strong at the grassroots level."

Feehan is running for office in Minnesota's first district.

"We've put people first by making sure our ag economy is strong and our farmers have market sales. We've put people first by making sure income rises faster than the cost of child care, housing, health care, and every day goods for the working family."

Other rural DFL districts are attempting to get a rural caucus to try and bring back some power to the rural communities, instead of all the power lying in the metropolitan area.   

A chair from each precinct and as many as two vice-chairs were selected, with one being female and the other male.

Those named the precinct seats will have the opportunity to represent the DFL at the state level following the county convention on March 7th at the St. James Library starting at 11 a.m.