Last Wednesday, the St. James school board negotiations committee met with Steve Heil to discuss contract negotiations.

Heil and the board came to an agreement for a three-year contract.

After some discussions over a pay increase, the board came to an agreement with a starting salary of $135,000, with an increase of $2,500 each of the following two years.

The board had expressed a preference for a candidate with prior experience as a superintendent.

"I know what you're saying," said Richard Spitzner. "It's hard to make the move and everything else and get paid less for more responsibility, I understand that. I was just looking back at our profile for when we started."

Each member of the negotiations committee understood Heil's requests for a slight increase in starting pay. Heil's last position as principal paid similarly to the district's superintendent job.

"I want to start off on the right foot too," said Scott Runge. "I don't want to have any bad feelings and I want to do what's best for the district and everyone involved."

Heil will receive ten holidays.

"[I'm] looking so forward to it I can't wait," said Heil. "I view myself as working with you guys today forward."

Following the agreement, Heil and members of the committee held conversations over the bids on the tennis courts and the upcoming tennis courts project.

On Thursday, as part of a special school board meeting, all members of the board approved the contract.