On Sunday afternoon, the staff at the Butterfield-Odin School, as well as local businesses and services, marched their vehicles down the streets of Butterfield for the Better Together Parade.

The parade, in part, was organized by Butterfield-Odin staff Kristin Whitney and Emily Stevensen.

Stevensen drew inspiration from other cities, including Madelia, who recently held a parade.

"I just thought our kids would love it," said Stevensen. "We thought it would be fun to have a parade."

Whitney was a major key in organizing community members, and helping the idea become a reality.

"It's just a fun way to let the community know we care about them," said Whitney.

The parade kicked off at 2:00 p.m., with cars lined up at Butterfield-Odin School. As car horns and truck sirens sang, residents vacated their homes to wave and cheer the friendly and familiar faces they had grown accustomed to over the school year.

"As a school, we've been brainstorming over the weeks of distance learning on how we can best keep connected with our students to let them know we miss them and that 'we are in this together," said Superintendent Steve Thomas. "We've had lots of great ideas coming from our teachers and paraprofessional staff- which includes Facebook videos and pictures for students, or maybe just a thoughtful note with a candy bar, and of course, the parade that we had on Sunday."

"We were very pleased with the turnout of staff for the parade line-up, as well as first responders and community businesses. The parade was a fantastic demonstration of Butterfield-Odin Saints pride from our families as they showed up to give their support by standing outside their homes and along the corner streets waving to us as we passed through the community multiple times. It was indeed an awesome feeling of togetherness."

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