Less than two years following its closure, the S-T Industries building is once again occupied, now by Sharpline Corporation.

Sharpline is in the same line of work as S-T, selling, repairing, manufacturing, and calibrating precision measuring equipment. Sharpline will be manufacturing a small number of micrometers as well.

"We are planning on doing precision measuring tool repair along with the calibration. We'll be offering calibration and services of measuring tools and sales of the products similar to what ST sold."

While Sharpline may be selling the old product lines of S-T Industries, they will be working with the latest technologies in marketing.

Other equipment, such as optical comparers and vision systems, were sold to Dorsey International in New York. Martin is currently working with Dorsey International on an agreement to resell some of the original product lines.

CEO Bill Martin was at the S-T Industries auction and purchased S-T Industries equipment from President Margaret Smith. Martin and Smith came to an agreement last fall for the purchasing of the naming rights, product line, parts inventory, drawings, and other equipment from S-T Industries and Scherr-Tumico.

"After those discussions, Margaret was in the process of listing the building for sale so we just came to an agreement and closed on purchasing the building."

Smith will continue to have an office with the new management. For now, just five people will be employed at Sharpline.

"Our St. James community is very privileged and honored that Sharpline Inc. has purchased the S-T Industries building, and we look forward to our partnership with Sharpline for many years to come," said Mayor Gary Sturm. "Very exciting for St. James."

However, Martin said that when fully operational, the company could have 40 or more employees, which could take a couple of years.

The branch office of calibration is also planned to be within the building, hopefully within the next few months.

Martin hopes that S-T Industries can be a jumpstart for more American manufacturing jobs.

Martin started out with a calibration lab in Burnsville called Martin Calibration, which is now the largest calibration company in Minnesota. Sharpline's current location is in Black Hawk, Colorado. Sharpline in its entirety will be moving to Minnesota.

Also joining Martin is Tina Herdegen. Herdegen has a business that includes repurposing of furniture called "Shard Art".

"It's mosaic-type artwork," said Herdegen. "It's a big variety and my plans are to get more the community involved and have community events here."

Herdegen said that food vendors could also come into the space. Another business partner will be selling art both locally and nationally online.