This Monday, St. James High School started its summer strength and conditioning program in an effort to boost athlete performance on the field of play.

"We basically just want them to get in shape," said Scott Allen. "The last few years watching sports our kids aren't quick enough and aren't strong enough. We haven't had a lot of luck getting them in the weight room so we're trying something a bit more fun."

There are currently four workout stations set up for athletes to cycle through: speed and agility, strength and conditioning, flexibility, and plyometrics. Allen hopes that later in the summer the athletes can get into the weight room.

"We're getting stronger doing this, but there's no substitute for doing weight training to get stronger."

On Wednesday morning, ladder drills, hurdle workouts, box jumps, squats, and planks were on the menu for the athletes.

This summer training is more geared towards the athlete as a whole, rather than training for one particular sport.

"I think it's overall going to make you a better athlete," said Allen. "I always look at kids who play basketball and they can't get to that loose ball because they don't have the strength or quickness to get there. If we have the strength and quickness we can get to the ball and now we have possession.

"In football, if you're not quick out of your breaks or quick with your first step, wrestling if you're not quick enough to sprawl. Everything depends on quickness and explosiveness. Even in tennis, your agility has to be really good."

Approximately 60 athletes showed up for the first session on Monday. There are three sessions, one at 7 a.m., one at 8 a.m., and one at 9 a.m. Sessions are every Monday Wednesday and Friday at the high school.