A pair of rising St. James High School seniors have been named Minnesota All-State Choir selections.

Mya Hanson and Nicholas Brey are St. James' first all-state choir selections in a decade after sending in auditions earlier this spring.

Auditions for the all-state choir had to include an Italian piece (Alma del core) sung acapella, scales in their vocal ranges according to their voice part, and a recording of themselves singing a song of their choice.

The duo started to get ready for all-state choir in January, and recorded tapes just prior to the start of distance learning. 

Brey chose to sing Der Neugierige (The Inquisitive One), composed by Franz Schubert.

Hanson sung Du Ring An Meinem Finger, composed by Robert Schumann.

Hanson and Brey found out that they had been named to the all-state choir during distance learning.

Music teacher Alison Kulseth at St. James Middle/Senior High School FaceTimed both Hanson and Brey upon hearing the news.

"We were all pretty pumped and pretty excited when we found out," said Kulseth.

Kulseth handpicked the two choir standouts to audition for all-state.

"They're hard workers, number one, that really makes them stand out," said Kulseth. "They work really really hard compared to some other students. They pick difficult pieces on purpose. They did not pick easy pieces. I know some students pick pieces that's in their range of capabilities, and these students always want to do something that is difficult."

Brey plans to continue his musical education into college, planning to major in music ed.

Outside of school, Hanson composes her own songs.