St. James native Greg Burman is returning to his hometown to take over the Dean of Students' post left by Gene Hildebrand's retirement earlier this summer.

"Being from here, my wife and I have talked about the possibility of coming back," said Burman. "We talked about the opportunities with the age of our children being seven, five, and almost two and the short window of St. James being something we actually wanted to do."

"My parents are from St. James, her parents are from St. James, most of her family still lives here. My parents still live here so it's a family thing."

Burman is also looking forward to being part of a community, coming from rural Hastings.

Burman and his wife worked in Woodbury and Red Wing, respectively, which is a 30-minute commute both ways.

Growing up in St. James, Burman was a part of the band, choir, and sports teams.

Burman's father, Dwight, coached with Hildebrandt for more than three decades. Hildebrandt was able to provide Burman with advice as to what the job would entail.

"He discussed things like being able to help the kids. That's the challenging part, helping the kids who need the most help."

Burman's main goal is to help as many kids choose the right path and help teachers understand that kids can learn in a different way.