The St. James City Council approved a resolution accepting Coronavirus Relief Funds from the State. The city received $342,421 to spend on non-budgeted yet necessary expenditures relating to the COVID-19 health pandemic.

City Manager Amanda Glass has a preliminary budget for the funds and will provide ongoing updates to the council about how the money is spent. The council also donated a little over $34,000 towards business relief.

The council passed another resolution authorizing to execute the MN Department of Transportation Grant Agreement for airport improvement, excluding land acquisition.  The grant agreement totals $906,082. The federal commitment is 66%, the State is 25%, and local is 9%, totaling $83,209. St. James’ local commitment is paying for 25% of the automatic gate opener and 13.23% of the taxi-lane extension and blacktop.

The council also passed a resolution designating specific 2018 excess funds to be transferred to specific 2020 funds. The city set funds aside in the 2018 budget for the recodification process that was unused. It’s the city’s process to dedicate remaining funds from one year to another by resolution.

A tabled item included a resolution accepting a pipeline crossing agreement from Union Pacific Railroad company. The railroad company proposed installing a 12-inch C-900 DR 18 underground pipe encased in a 22-inch steel pipeline for transporting and conveying water from the railroad property at Mile Post 120.44 on the Mankato Subdivision to or near St. James. The installation wouldn’t stop traffic. The council tabled the resolution for the next meeting for more information.  

The next St. James City Council meeting is on Tuesday, September 1, at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Building.