This winter, Lupe's Mexican Grill opened up along First Avenue South in St. James after three years operating a food truck.

For Humberto Piceno and Rosy Ramirez, the move into a brick and mortar was the next logical step after having great success with the food truck.

"We saw the building was for sale and we decided to buy it and turn it into a restaurant," said Piceno through translator and server at Lupe's Leticia Saucedo.

Customers at the food truck started asked Piceno if he wanted to open a restaurant because the food truck was not in operation during the winter months, and patrons missed the food being served.

Piceno's first job was in the foodservice industry when he came to the United States thirty years ago in Los Angeles and has doing it ever since.

Lupe's has been serving up authentic Mexican food since February, and even through COVID-19 restrictions, the feedback from locals has been positive, giving strong reviews of the sopes and burritos.

Editor's Note: interview was originally done in March, just prior to COVID-19 restrictions placed on restaurants and bars in the state of Minnesota.