It was an impressive showing from top to bottom for the St. James boys cross country team, with four runners placing in the top 10 in Tuesday’s meet.

With that strong performance, St. James was able to coast to an 18 point victory in the Big South Championships.

Junior Seth Pierson finished in second overall, streaking across the finish line at the 16:53 mark. Senior Alex Knickrehm also placed in the top five, coming in fourth with a time of 17:05.

Junior Troy Parulski finished just behind Knickrehm, just three seconds off his pace at 17:08. Parulski was edged by Dalton Desollar, Luverne High School, just missing out on a top-five finish.
No other team in the small school section had two runners in the top five, while St. James had three in the top six.

With three runners already across, St. James wasn’t done placing in the top ten.

Jackson Miest, a junior, finished ninth, with a time of 17:32, finishing just ahead of Seth Lingen from Pipestone Area High School. Junior Mauricio Vite, finished out the top five for St. James, coming in 13th overall, running a strong time of 17:52.

With five runners in the top 15, St. James finished with 34 points, and each of their top five runners finishing within a minute of each other.

Lucas Doll also had a top 20 finish, placing 16th and running an 18:10 race. Sophomore Juan Castadena finished 26th, with a time of 18:57.

Not to be outdone by the varsity runners, the St. James junior varsity team also finished in first place.

Sophomore Caleb Rivera, senior Michael Nett, and freshman Marco Crispin finished first, second, and third, respectively.

Rivera won the JV race by over 30 seconds, with a time of 18:15. Nett and Crispin finished four seconds apart, with times of 18:49 and 18:53, respectively. The Saints had four more runners finish in the top 20. Bryant Gonzalez squeaked by Gustavo Martinez by one second to finish in 11th place.

Trey Witcraft finished .6 seconds behind Jacob Green from Windom Area High School. Witcraft would finish 14th.
Levi Miest finished 19th, running a time of 20:00.

The girls cross country team finished in fourth out of six teams in the small division.

Paola Acevedo was .54 seconds short of a top 10 finish, being clipped y Brooklyn Goelz of Pipestone Area High School. Acevedo finished with a time of 20:57. Norely Sanchez had a top 20 finish, running a time of 21:51. Katelyn Ojeda-callejas finished third for St. James, finishing with a time of 22:31.

Chantel Henderson and Jovana Rodriguez finished out the top five for St. James.

The team competes in a sectional meet next Thursday in Montgomery.