It has been two months since the Saintettes have been out on the competition mat. This Saturday, however, the Saints will dance in the sectional tournament for the first time as a varsity sport.

“I think there will be some nerves,” said head coach Beth Johnson. “But we planned our season that way so we could focus on competitions first and then switch gears to the Extravaganza. Losing last week due to weather hurts, but we had a really strong practice last night.”

Johnson competed as a Saintette in the 1990s. In 1996, before dance line was recognized as an MSHSL sport, the Saints won the state championship.

“Being on the other side, as a coach, there are some nerves.”

Saturday could be the last time on the mat for the eight seniors, who make up the majority of the roster.

“I’ve talked to them a ton about leaving their legacy this year,” said Johnson. “They’ve been in dance since they were young, so they take a lot of experience with them.”

Each senior agreed that the emotions for Saturday haven’t set in yet, but are looking forward to their biggest challenge yet, but heading into Saturday, they are excited and ready.

“This might be our last performance together so it’s definitely going to be special,” said Olivia Fredin.

The Saints have restructured their entire dance over the last two months, looking to modernize their dance and make it more fast-paced.

“I didn’t know you can change a dance as much as we have this year,” said Grace Piercy.

“I think we’re ready to throw it on the floor right now,” said Allison Wolle confidently.

Despite all the changes to their routine, the girls feel their re-worked dance is strong. The team has been seen both high and low scores on their previous dances, making it difficult to gauge what exactly needs to be worked on.

“I just hope the judges are in a good mood,” said Faith Mortensen.

“I just want the girls to go in there knowing they did everything they possibly could do, and no matter what the outcome is, I want them to feel successful.”

The Saintettes head to Montevideo on Saturday for their sectional dance.