For seniors in college, the last year of competition is memorable. For most, it’s the last time they’ll play the sport they grew up loving at a competitive level.

They set final personal and team goals and set out for one last ride. Some players even set records.

For St. Mary’s senior Julia Boeve, records and accolades just kind of... happened.

“I didn’t really know I was doing it,” said Boeve. “The match that I tied the record one of my assistant coaches came up to me and said that ‘this was a milestone’, which confused me because I didn’t know.”

Boeve bested Rebekah Spiegelhoff from Concordia University for the tie and swept Natalie Pieterick of Hamline University 6-0, 6-0 to break the standing record of 57 Megan Vandenburg, set in 2017.

“I was nervous going into the match but I knew that each point and each win was going to be important for the team,” said Boeve. “Once I started playing I tuned it out and forgot what was going on.”

However, as Boeve approached the final point, her coaches started to walk out onto the court.

“I was like ‘ohh man’ this is going on and they’re all watching now’ so I was a bit nervous for that last point.” “We call her ‘money’ because she pays out every time,” said coach Jeffery Halberg. “She’s so consistent. What else can you ask for in a player? She’s very reliable.”

Boeve has certainly ben money during her senior year, compiling a 16-7 record. Recently, Boeve was unstoppable, winning 12/13 matches, and, at one point, winning 11 in a row. With that streak, Boeve helped lead Saint Mary’s to a 14-6 record ahead of their MIAC Tournament on May 1st.

Since breaking the record, Boeve has added to her win total, which now sits at 61. Another teammate and fellow senior, Laura Sonday, also passed Vandenberg’s old record in the season finale.

“It’s been all the hard work she’s put in over the years,” said Halberg. “The thing with Julia is that she will never beat herself, and that’s why she’s so consistent. She will not give you a lot of errors. She’s a nightmare for opposing players.”