A tornado warning and inclement weather could only delay the events at the 34th annual Rail Run on Thursday.

Storm clouds formed and tornado sirens wailed just minutes before the first race was set to start, pushing the start time back 30 minutes.

Once the clouds and rain dissipated, participants gathered once again to take to the streets.

A total of 120 runners and walkers paced the rain-soaked roads and sidewalks, which provided a slick running surface, which didn’t seem to slow the participants down at all.

Runners also had the option to choose to run in honor of someone who is unable to. The runners could choose to run for Charlotte Fjeldberg, Isaias Carreon, Hazel Fjeldberg, Lucia Soderberg, Toby Hagen, James Hagen, Amira Norland, Blake Collier, Angel Hernandez Marquez, Evan Harrenstein, Erick L. Buysman and in memory of Michelle Moreno.

Racers ranged from under six years old to over 60.

Aiden Moelleer edged out Colton Evers in the 1/2 mile Children’s Fun Run.

Seth Pierson won the 1-mile run, and Troy Parulski finished first in the 4-mile run.

Rail Run Results:

½ mile Children’s Run 6 and under

Mason Evers 4.04 Ella Evers 3.29

7 – 8 Colton Evers 2.55 Addison Stienle 3.46

9-10 Levi Hagen 3.45 Giana Feuchtenburger 3.35

11-12 Aiden Moelleer 2.53

1-mile run

12 and under

Carys Gudahl 7.16 Lincoln Kern 8.41

13-15 Claire Watson 7.29 16-18 Seth Pierson 5.08

19 -29 Dayn Besel 8.09

60 – over Clint Firstbrook III 10.12

4 mile run


Troy Parulski 21.53

Mackenzie Miest 27 30-39

Ryan Erickson 32.15

Emily Birkholz 36.18

40-49 Andy Pierson 28.35

Kari Miest 36.18

50-59- Warren Winkelman 28.56

60 Over Dan Birkholz 37.88