Another successful year of the Davis Cup is in the books.

After fielding just four teams in last year’s tournament, current, future and former tennis players banded together to put six teams on the courts on Saturday.

A total of 41 players suited up, the second most in Davis Cup history.

The Davis Cup marks the beginning of the tennis tournament season, providing some quality competition as well as the opportunity to play with and against different players in a friendly setting.

1st Place: Hollie Peterson, Mitch Doll, Benji Foss, James Gutierrez, Kahsen Van Wyk, Caleb Fast (83 points)

2nd Place: Josue Solorzano, Connor Olson, Oscar Almendariz, Hannah Peterson, Zech Ciske, Lexia Sykes, Wyatt Haler (82 points)

3rd Place: John Foss, Ellie Becker, Luci Kulseth, Marco Hernandez, Christian Pineda, Andrei Rivera, Lily Ciske (78 points)

4th Place: Hannah Loewen, Renata Hernandez, Landon Hoppe, Mya Hanson, Preston Wegner, Devon Olson, Mckela Hanson (70 points)

5th Place: Aaron Pluym, Alejandra Trapero, Julie Boeve, Katie Hodgden, Sailor Mohlenbrock, Mariah Mireles, Daniela Trapero (65 points)

6th Place: Zoie Becker, Lucas Doll, Brian Bluedorn, Sofia Solorzano, Jack Mahoney Berg, Allison Bluedorn, Keyana Haler