On Saturday morning, St. James High School held its annual Snowflake Tournament, with the Redwood Valley Cardinals claiming the top prize. The host Saints finished in last.

Redwood and Luverne each took first place in two events. 

Avery Wilson (Redwood Valley) won the beam (8.675). Meghan Witte (Luverne) finished first on the bars (8.250). Emma Stevenson (Redwood Valley) won the vault (9.065). Ella Reisdorfer (Luverne) placed first on the floor routine (8.625).

Luci Kulseth finished in the top spot for three out of four events for the Saints, finishing with 29.400 points all-around. Kulseth was tops in the uneven parallel bars (7.250), balance beam (7.650), floor (6.600).

St. James posted solid scores in all of their vaulters, but a lack of difficulty ultimately led to the lowest scores out of all teams on the vault.

"One of the things we were just talking about today was that we need to start incorporating some twisting in our vaults," said head coach Jill Stark. "They've been kind of comfortable with just handsprings and that's not cutting it with the competition that we have."

"Another thing we talked about was trying to add some high skills, even on the beam. That's something our girls are pretty strong on if they stick it, but they still need to [work on] mounts and dismounts. Those are things we can try to add and try to work on this week."

The Saints' floor routine scores were noticeably much lower.

Last week against Redwood, Kulseth finished with a 7.6 on her routing, which dropped to a 6.600.

"I felt like the judges on the floor were a little tough today," said Stark. "Our scores have been way better using those same routines, and we even added a few things for some girls and their scores weren't better. I was a little surprised by some of the floor routines."

Anna Bogle finished first on the roster in the vault, scoring a 7.975. Bogle placed second to Kulseth in each of the other events, with an all-around score of 27.300.

The sophomore Bogle was a mainstay for the Saints last year and has continued to grow and show promise.

"The thing about Anna is that she has the drive to want to do better," said Stark. "She's also one of those girls that comes and works hard. The girls who come and work hard are very self-driven and are getting better. She's young but she has a super amount of strength in her legs and that helps a lot when she's doing her skills. She doesn't have that fear factor that other girls have. She's willing to try new things."

Team totals:

1. Redwood Valley Cardinals 131.725

2. Luverne Cardinals 126.975

3. Pipestone Area Arrows 116.700

4. Windom/Mt. Lake Cobras 117.725

5. St. James Area Saints 105.275


1. Avery Wilson 33.700 Redwood Valley

2. Ella Reisdorfer 33.325 Luverne

3. Meghan Witte 33.300 Luverne


1. Avery Wilson 8.675 Redwood Valley

2. Ella Reisdorfer 8.300 Luverne

3. Emma Stevenson 8.2275 Redwood Valley


1. Meghan Witte 8.250 Luverne

2. Mikayla Opatz 8.250 Redwood Valley

3. Brooklyn Paulson 8.100 Windom/Mt. Lake


1. Emma Stevenson 9.065 Redwood Valley

2. Riley Franklin 9.000 Redwood Valley

3. Avery Wilson 8.775 Redwood Valley


1. Ella Reisdorfer 8.625 Luverne

2. Meghan Witte 8.600 Luverne 

3. Emma Stevenson 8.400 Redwood Valley