On Thursday night, St. James Area gymnastics welcomed in rival St. Peter, as the guests came out on top 127.875 to 107.300.

The mark by the hosts was their season-best, showing more skills from Saturday's Snowflake Invitational.

Anne Bogle and Luci Kulseth each showed improved scores on their vault scores, adding twists. Kulseth finished tops on the team with an 8.300. Bogle scored an 8.150 for her efforts. Kulseth led the Saints on the parallel uneven bars (7.025) and on the floor routine (7.475). Bogle placed second on the floor routine with a 7.300, and second on the beam with a 6.800.

It was a good night all-around on the vault, with Gabby Trapero scoring a 7.800 and eighth-grader America Trejo Esqueda earning a 7.900.

"She honestly is a natural," said head coach Jill Stark of Trejo Esqueda. "She just has the poise and if she can get past the fear thing, she can go far. She struggles a lot with that in warmups and in practice sometimes. But her form is beautiful and she looks like a gymnast. She has a lot of power in her legs and she sometimes over-accentuates it into more than what she's supposed to so she's got to tame that down a bit."

Trejo had top marks on the team on the balance beam, scoring a 6.825.

Elisabeth Pankratz scored a 6.200 in both the balance beam and the floor routine.

"Ellie is our go-getter," said Stark. "She is going to make sure that girls are doing what they are supposed to be doing. She has really strong leadership skills and is behind the scenes organizing a lot of things."

Anna Klatt, Bella Edmonds, Hannah Brenke, and Audrey Kennedy each had strong performances for St. Peter.

Individual scores


1. Anna Klatt 8.300 St. Peter

2. Bella Edmonds 7.500 St. Peter

3. Hannah Brenke 7.500 St. Peter

4. Audrey Kennedy 7.425 St. Peter


1. Bella Edmonds 8.550 St. Peter

2. Anna Klatt 8.550 St. Peter

3. Hannah Brenke 8.500 St. Peter

4. Lauren Feder 8.325 St. Peter


1. Anna Klatt 8.625 St. Peter

2. Bella Edmonds 8.400 St. Peter

3. Audrey Kennedy 8.300 St. Peter

Hannah Brenke 8.200 St. Peter

Uneven Parallel Bars:

1. Makayla Moline 7.650 St. Peter

2. Audrey Kenedy 7.600 St. Peter

3. Bella Edmonds 7.250 St. Peter

4. Anna Klatt 7.200 St. Peter


1. Anna Klatt 32.675

2. Bella Edmonds 31.700

3. Makayla Moline 30.725

4. Luci Kulseth 29.275