The auditorium at Armstrong School was packed Saturday night to watch the Saintettes dance team perform in their 28th annual Extravaganza under the theme of "Neon Lights".

The Saintettes kicked off their night with a performance to "A Little Party", choreographed by Mara Pauling and Kelsey Sagehorn. Pre-K and kindergarten were then brought out to the floor for a dance to the tune of "Can't Stop the Feeling".

The ever-popular Dad's Dance, choreographed by the two seniors, Kierra Curry and Sarah Solheid followed.

The Partner Dance, to the tune of "Party in the USA", showed support for other St. James student activities, as each partner represented a faction at St. James High School.

Following the introduction of Saintettes alumni, the girls danced to "Bring It Out". 

The first and second-grade dance choreographed to "Uptown Funk" and the third and fourth-grade dance to "High Hopes" provided a glimpse to the future of dance in St. James.

"I love it," said head coach Beth Johnson. "I love the fact that dance will continue on in St. James. It's awesome."

The Munchkin Dance, where the dancers lay down under the curtain and put dancing shoes on their feet prior to getting pulled under the curtain, gave the children in attendance a reason to giggle.

Following the munchkin dance, the Saintettes showcased and crushed their competition dance, a Guns N' Roses medley mix.

"This is our night," said Johnson. "This is the one night where it's all about us. We're the main show and we're the entertainment. It feels so good to provide that for the girls, that they get to be the number one attraction rather than halftime entertainment or in a competition up against other teams. Tonight they're the shining stars and they proved it. They did an awesome job."

While the night was filled with laughter and memories that will last a lifetime, the Extravaganza was the last for the two seniors.

"This night has meant so much," said Curry. "It's been such an important part of our season ever since we were freshmen on the team. I love seeing how the team evolved over the years and how the program has just come up. It's super rewarding to see that all happening."

"Whenever we take the floor for the Extravaganza there's always like a rushing feeling," said Solheid. 

Throughout the evening, "Why I Dance" letters were read to the audience by team manager Kelsey Sagehorn.

"I am sad this is my last year, but I can't wait to cheer you on the future," wrote Curry. "I will always be there supporting you guys."

Sagehorn penned a letter herself, titled "Why I Manage".

"I'm part of this team and I can't think of myself being anywhere else. This team is my family."

Halfway through the show, coach Johnson provided her coaches notes, lauding the girls' hard work all season long, citing that team scores had gone up "tremendously" from the start of the season.

Johnson's team has just two seniors and one junior, leaning heavily on the growth of underclassmen and even some eighth-graders, including her daughter, Kayl, who's "Why I Dance" letter was read.

"I dance to prove people wrong and to show that this is a sport," wrote Johnson. "I can go out there on the floor and put everything away."

Second-year dancer Kai Xayaphonesongkham wrote: "I dance as a way to express myself. Every song has a memory to it."

The last two numbers of the night were the Finale Dance, grades Pre-K through 12 on the floor, and the light show dance, with the auditorium pitch black except for the lights the dancers carried with them.

The Saintettes have one more competition prior to the section competition at Bloomington Kennedy on February 8th.