St. James Middle and High School Principal parts ways with the district

Sarah Bunich
St. James Plaindealer
High and  middle school principal Karla Beck will continue her career in the Redwood Area School District.

St. James Middle and High School principal Karla Beck has resigned from her position to move and continue her career in the Redwood School District as the Director of Teaching and Learning.  Beck's final day working for the St. James School District was on June 30.

Beck began her St. James career back in Fall 2003, when she started as a music teacher. Beck taught mostly choir classes for a range of levels from concert to 8th grade choir.  Besides teaching Beck was involved with a few music based extra curricular activities, like madrigals, jazz and chamber singers.

After eight years of teaching, Beck moved to the elementary school to be their principal after being there for a while the middle and high school needed a new principal. She moved up to the high school to be the new middle and high school principal, where she spent the rest of her time working.

During Beck's eighteen years working in the St. James School District she has helped shape the schools into what they are today in return the students and staff have helped shape her as an educator. There were two significant efforts Beck was a part of, they were the planning of the renovations and additions to the Middle/High school after the passing of a referendum. This included the rebranding of the St. James school District logo. The second is leading the Northside elementary school through their improvement journey.

"The two most significant efforts I was part of in St. James were leading Northside Elementary from 2012-2015 through it's School Improvement journey, including being named a National Turnaround Arts School," said Beck.

Not only did she help the schools, the students and staff have helped shape her as an educator. Students helped Beck learn who they really are and what they needed in order to learn. Beck said she saw each student enter the the building each day as whole as she or he can be due to circumstances, background, and family. 

As for what students need to learn are not based on the whole class or grade need but what individual students needs. All of this Beck has learned from working with the students and staff in St. James area schools.

Even though Beck will be leaving before opportunities that she valued and help start, such as the addition of the Innovation Hub at the middle/high school, AT&T grant to supply homes with free internet access for this coming school year, and the Garden to Table and Business Pathways grants.

"I am leaving behind many opportunities and grants that I value and started," said Beck. "There are so many great things coming for our students and community."

In Redwood School district as the as the Director of Teaching and Learning Beck will be working with teachers to strengthen classroom for students and to help create opportunities for professional learning.