City Council hosted a public hearing for Central Farm Service project

Sarah Bunich
St. James Plaindealer
St. James City Council heard a public hearing about a new tax increment financing district which would help the Central Farm Service new project.

At Tuesday, July 6, St James City Council meeting the council honored Curt and Monica Rogers with the good neighbor award for all they did when owning the St. James Dairy Queen and now that they are retiring they are being honored for being the place to be to get a sweet treat in the community.

Before hearing new business items the council paused the meeting to hold a public hearing for the Central Farm Service Project (CFS) tax increment financing district. Shannon Sweeney headed the hearing explaining the plan for the financing district will be a property tax for a section of vacant land on which CFS would build new facilities.

" In this instance its on a section of vacant land for a period up to nine years, its actually longer than that because when I build something this year it doesn't hit the tax rolls for another year and a half," Sweeney said. 

entities who will be apart of the tax increment are going to be the school district, City of St. James, and Watonwan County. In this process Sweeney said no one will go backwards, no body loses tax base as a result of this fifth district. They will forego the benefit of the new tax base that will be added after the district is created.

CFS alterations project for their site will be including building new constructions and facilities. In addition to the new constructions, a new road is going to be built, sewer and water will be extended. After alterations Sweeny said they had a county assessor give an estimate, which was they can expect the market value to increase by millions of dollars immediately. As the project moves on the value will increase more.

After the public hearing the council voted unanimously to pass the adoption of the tax increment financing.

Waste Water Treatment Facility's Mason Swanson brought forth a project to updates on the facility blowers that have not been working to their full capacity for the last five years, painting inside the house, and replacing all the electrical controls.

All the updates the proposed will be on the items the facility did not update when they had some done back in 2010. They are all from the 1990's and have been rebuilt many times over the years said Mark Anderson.

Advertising for the project will be sent out next week, and bidding will begin on August 4.

Council members approved the resolution for the updates at the water treatment center.

The final resolution the council heard was from Andrea Lynn who brought forth naming a new city street and a plat after Central Farm Services. Council members approved the resolution.