Save the bell sculpture dedication

Sarah Bunich
St. James Plaindealer

The St. James old school bell has found a new home within a new sculpture that commemorates all of the schools, teachers, staff and students that have walked the St. James schools' halls.

The old St. James school bell is now a part of a sculpture honoring the education system in St. James.

Since the bell was taken down it had been in storage, a lot of people were wondering where it was. When it was found the district didn't know what to do with it, so they offered it to the historical society but they didn't want it. Sue Harris said this lead to them forming a committee, who made decisions and done fundraisers to raise 28 thousand (dollars) to make the sculpture.

The sculpture was designed by Jeremy Hall. He was one of two brought to the committee as possible designers. As part of the design the metals of the sculpture will turn red for the body of the apple and the metal for leaves will turn green as time goes on. ACES construction and Kasota stone did the masonry work around the sculpture. The brick used came from former buildings in St. James and were donated by Anne and Bob Sorenson.

Another part of the sculpture is a granite pillar which is also from a former building in St. James. On top of the pillar is an eagle and on the sides there will be two plaques, one will have the history and the other one will name all of the major donors and the artists.

Around the sculpture are brick which people can buy to honor educators, classes, and people in St. James. Proceeds from the bricks will go towards maintaining the sculpture and other things around the school property.

Having the bell and the sculpture shows what the education in St. James is like. " I believe this is a historic and artistic honor to St. James and the excellence of education," said Harris." we have had here since 1870 through today."