City Council: plans for what is to go in front of mural

Sarah Bunich
St. James Plaindealer
St. James City Council discussed what can possibly go in front of the new mural to keep it safe.

On Tuesday, August 3 city council meeting the council reviewed proposals for companies’ bids, what to do with the parking in front of the mural, and the selling of property to the humane society.

First on the council’s agenda was a resolution for approval of a bid for sealing. Chad Stradtman brought forth two bids for the council. Stradtman said he would like to go with the Pearson brothers, who they had worked with last year.

Stradtman said they will be working on it between the end of August first of September.

Council approved the company's bid unanimously.

Amanda Glass brought forth a resolution and proposal of the sale of property to the Watonwan County Humane Society. At a future council meeting there will be a public hearing for community members to voice their opinions and questions about the sale. Council members approved the resolution.

St. James police department requested a public hearing at the September 7 council meeting, for the public to come and make their comment or ask questions about the body camera policy. Members approved the request.

Stradtman brought another two bids forth to the council, this one for a two inch overall for the St. James trail. Stradtmen requested to go with WWE Blacktopping form Mankato. Their bid came in at 10.79 a square yard, the budget in place for this was 120 thousand they came in lower said Stradtman. The trail should be done this year before October. The council approved the bid.

Final item that was brought up at eh meeting was the parking in front of the mural and what the city can do with it. St. James park board has heard and discussed this at their last meeting. Glass said there was a lot of discussion and idea options brought up during it. The major concern about this is the parking situation in downtown.

St. James City Council received tow letters from the convention and visitors bureau and Pat Branstad. Both letters said they would like to see something in place to keep the legacy generation to generation mural in good condition and visible to everyone who comes to see it. Council members and community members present had similar things to say about keeping it in good condition and visible.

Right now there are cement stoppers in front of the parking spots so people can't park there. The City and its departments have to come up with a plan and budget for what they are going to do to. It may take a few years for this project to be completed.