New additions have been added to Northside Elementary hallways

Sarah Bunich
St. James Plaindealer

Students and Staff of Northside Elementary will be seeing a few additions to the hallways when they return to school in September.

On July 21 the school had sensory pathways installed in two hallways. Each pathway is set for different age groups, one is for kindergartens and first graders and the other one is made for the 6th grade and younger students.

Northside Elementary's sensory pathways will help students work their mind and body.

Liam Dawson, Northside Elementary Principal, said the pathways are made to help with the skills the kids are learning. Such as the older kids have counting by fives on theirs and the younger have ABCs. While student use them, they will be working both sides and the front of their brain

Helping learning skills is not the only activity the pathways offer. They have physically things the kids can do, one hallway has wall push stickers and the other one has a walk way with different number of jumping jacks along the path with a cool down station at the end.

Student can use the pathways not only to learn but also to help themselves decompress  if they are having a rough day and just need to take a short break. Having this being available for them helps them work on social emotional skills

"These pathways offer social emotional and physical help for students. They will also allow students to take brain breaks," said Dawson.

Installing sensory pathways has been something the school has thought about in recent years. " We had thought about installing them but did make a plan for them," said Dawson." Until the donor came and said they would like to donate sensory pathways to the school." At the May school board meeting they brought the donation to the board t approve.