4H is back at the state fair

Sarah Bunich
St. James Plaindealer
From left: Carter Gieseke, Kaitlyn Kirchner, and Lydia Cavanaugh will be going to the state fair with the projects they are pictured with. Along with other 4Hers from Watonwan County.

Watonwan County will be having seven 4Hers going to the Minnesota State Fair this year. Going to the State Fair is one part of 4H the kids look forward to besides the county fairs.

At least three of Watonwan County 4H kids have been doing 4H for at least three years each some more than others. Projects that have been done by them are robotics, shop, foods and animals.  Kaitlyn Kirchner, Lydia Cavanaugh and Carter Gieseke all said they have fond memories and are looking forward to going back to the state fair. 

Last year's state fair was cancelled for in person things to do with 4H just like all of the county fairs making the 4H kids more excited to go to the state fair. Judging was still done for the fair just online over zoom.

" You sent in a video, for all live stock you sent in a video," said Cavanaugh. "For the dress I had made and I was showing at state fair, that was a confrence call that I got on and it was talking with the judge and a couple of other kids. Last year was so different. I don't want to do another virtual year"

Each year 4H hosts events at the fair for kids to do while at the fair which is not judging or anything to do with their projects. One year they had a cooking class they could partake in, a lot of kids are looking forward to going to these events again.

" I always look forward to the 4h, they put on a little muscial performance thing I think like two times a day in the 4h building, those are really fun to watch," said Kirchner " It was either my first or second year going out for 4H they had a kids cook of, it was so much fun, we competed against other people in 4H and we had to cook up something with different kinds of meat."

if people want to go and see Wantonwan's and other counties 4H projects the dates of the state fair this year are August 26 to September 6.