New food truck has made its way to St. James

Sarah Bunich
St. James Plaindealer

At the begining of August St. James community members probably saw a new food truck down by the lake front. The new truck is called The Spot.

The Spot is owned and operated by Nathan Gonzalez. Before starting his business Gonzalez worked at Smithfield Foods in St. James for three years, but when the COVID-19 pandemic started he left their and started the process of getting The Shack started. The process of getting the licenses and the truck it took a year to complete everything from start to finish.

snow cones and Texas flavors are at The Spot in St. James now.

Being from Texas was a big part of Gonzalez starting his own food truck business.

" In Texas we have snow cone stands everywhere, in the summer it gets up to 150," said Gonzalez," I really want something that's from down there up here."

On opening day people were telling him that they used to eat some of the things on his menu when they lived down in Texas. Gonzalez tries to get all of his ingredients and recipes from Texas because he wants to make it as authentic as possible.

Besides shaved ice there are snacks like like nachos and fritos. To have more of the Texas flavor there are Frito pies and clamato preparados, and pickle shots to name a couple. Gonzalez said he is working on upgrading the menus.

Having a lot start to the summer The Spot has only been open for around 5 days in total. It is open every Wednesday afternoons until dark and will be starting to be open on Sundays too. Gonzalez will have The Shack open on these days until the first cold front. So far he said business has been going great and a lot of people coming and getting something from The Spot,

Even though it is the first season its open Gonzalez is already looking for new ways to take the business and get more people from farther away to come like he already has.

"If everything goes good, in two years I would like to have a building here in St. James. I know it means a lot to bring people here, I have had people come from Mankato and Worthington," said Gonzalez." Events is another thing I have been thinking about too."

Editor Note: Edited to correct business name.